United States Power Squadron is a non-profit community service-based organization promoting boating education and safety with hands-on classroom and water training.  Please contact us if you’re interested in becoming a member or finding out about all the member benefits.

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Pompano Beach Power Squadron prides itself in being on the first wave of boating education. Since becoming a unit of the United States Power Squadron in 1958, our goal has been to educate the public on safe boating. After reading these pages, we hope you will be infected with the education “bug”. After all, the more knowledgeable boaters we have, the safer it will be for everyone on the water. America’s Boating Course is the mainstay of our existence. It is a traditional civic service of the United States Power Squadron organization.

Since 1914, local squadrons have presented the course to anyone who wishes to attend. More than three million people have taken advantage of this course. Will you be next? Learning to boat safely is essential, and the increased knowledge will enhance your safety on the water and your enjoyment of the sport. America’s Boating Course is designed to be helpful to all boaters, from a fisherman on an outboard to the skipper of a large cruiser or sailboat.

Too often, new boaters, and even seasoned ones, believe boating is easy. (“I know how to drive a boat.”). Boating is a learned skill that can be as dangerous, or even more so, than driving a car.

For more than 100 years, we have provided boaters with unsurpassed education on the water, in the classroom, and online. Our educational opportunities go beyond the basics to help you and your family be the best boaters you can be.

Boating Education

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If you are interested in exciting, in-depth boating safety courses, check out the boating education classes that Pompano Beach  Sail and Power Squadron offer; we will teach you how to have confidence and fun on the water with in-depth textbooks and qualified instructors to answer all your questions.

By enrolling in America’s Boating Course, you will learn navigation
rules, water sports safety, docking, emergencies, local knowledge,
and other valuable boater safety skills and boating information.
After completion, you will earn your NASBLA Safe Boaters’ Credentials.


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