Junior Navigation

Next Course Starts Monday, January 7th at 7:00 pm

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Junior Navigation is the first of a two-part program of study in offshore (open coast) navigation. It is designed as a practical, how-to-course. Subject matter includes: basic concepts of celestial navigation; how to use the mariner’s sextant to take sights of the sun; the importance and techniques of accurate time determination; use of the Nautical Almanac; how to reduce sights to establish lines of position (LOPs); and the use of special charts, plotting sheets and other navigational data for offshore positioning and passage planning.

The Student Kit includes the Student Manual and SR, CLS, and other forms and charts

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JN is the first in a two-part program of study in offshore navigation, followed by the Navigation course. It is designed as a practical “how to” course. Subject matter includes: precise time determination, use of the Nautical Almanac, taking sextant sights of the sun, reducing sights to establish lines of position, special charts and plotting sheets for offshore navigation, offshore navigational routines for recreational craft, and electronic and computerized offshore navigation.

Jan 7          Chapter            Lighthouse in the Sky

Jan 14       Chapter 2          Sextant

Jan 21        Chapter 3         Sea Time                                                                                          Work on Sights

Jan 28        Chapter 4         Altitude Corrections                                                                      Work on Sights

Feb 4         Chapter 5/6      Celestial Coordinates and Lights List for the Sky                      Work on Sights

Feb11        Chapter 7         The Celestial LOP                                                                            Reduce Sights

Feb 18       Chapter 8         Plotting Celestial LOP’s                                                                  Plot Sights

Feb 25       Chapter 9         Meridian Transit                                                                              MT Sight

March 4     Chapter 10      Before Casting Off-Route Planning  (review for corrections)  Turn in Sights

March11   Chapter 11       Before Casting Off – Planning for Electronics                             Start Cruise

March 18  Chapter 12       Wind and Current                               (resubmit  sights)              Cruise

March 25  Chapter 13       Days Work at Sea                                                                             Cruise

April 1      Review Cruise, Answer Questions,

April 8       Review Cruise, Answer Questions, Distribute Exams

April 22    Class meets to turn in Exams

Class is from 7:00 to 9:00 (Monday)

The JN sight folder must be completed and submitted for grading before a JN open book test can be ordered.