Seamanship Boat Handling Course 

Building on ABC boating education taught in the NASBLA boating certification course, Seamanship/ Boat Handling is the next course for both power boaters and sailors.  The instructor will discuss real-world techniques and share different boating experiences to help the students answer questions and teach what to expect in different boating situations you will encounter. 

Looking to learn an in-depth skill set from experience captains with real-world experience. In this 7-week course, Students learn advanced navigation rules, and how the boat’s performance is affected by different conditions.  It’s Florida, and the weather and seas can change very quickly. Do you know what to do in different conditions at sea?

Do you know how to handle a boat in a storm? Learn techniques in this course.

In this course, you will learn the many techniques for operating a boat under normal and abnormal conditions, what to do in various emergencies and weather conditions, nautical customs, and common courtesy on the water.

This course provides a strong foundation for students planning on furthering their boater’s education.

Course Fee includes Seamanship Textbook,” USCG Rules of the Road” book and Printed materials.



Course Materials: