2020 Bridge and Officers

Cdr Seth Towbis, AP

Emily learned a love of boats at a young age from her grandpa. She has a unique blend of technical expertise and customer service. She loves scuba diving with husband Quinn.

Lt/C Emily Pepperman, P
Executive Officer

At the age of 12, I earned my Power Squadron ABC Card from the Grosse Pointe Power Squadron and that fueled my love for being on any type of water.  Being in the advertising and photography profession, I’ve been able to use my knowledge of Seamanship on assignments worldwide. As the squadron SEO/PRO, I enjoy working with other members to educate the public about boating.

Lt/C James McEntee, S
Educational Officer

Admin Officer

Lt/C David Evanosky, P
Administration Officer
D/Lt/C Kathy Babin, S


Lt/C Laura Booth, P

Pompano Beach Power Squadron Organization Chart

Bridge Officers
 Commander – 2020  Cdr Seth Towbis, AP
 Executive Officer – 2020  Lt/C Emily Pepperman, P
 Educational Officer – 2020  Lt/C James McEntee, P
 Administrative Officer – 2020  Lt/C David Evenosky, P
 Treasurer – 2020  Lt/C Laura Booth, P
Secretary – 2020 D/Lt/C Kathy Babin, S

Assistants to Bridge Officers

 Asst. Educational Officer – 2020
 Asst. Administrative Officer – 2019
 Asst. Treasurer – 2020   Lt/C Judi D. Temple, S
 Asst. Secretary – 2020

Committees/Individuals reporting to the Executive Officer

 Liaison Officer – 2020  Lt Denise Porter, JN
 Public Relations Chairman – 2020  Lt/C James McEntee, S
 Vessel Safety Check Chairman – 2020  D/Lt Ronald E. Babin, S

Committees/Individuals reporting to the Educational Officer

 Elective Courses Chairman – 2020  Lt Ronald P. Ziller, SN-IN
 Public BOATING Education Chairman – 2020  Lt/C James McEntee, S

Committees/Individuals reporting to the Secretary

 Historian Chairman – 2020  Lt Merrily C. Sparling
 Information Technology Contact – 2020  Lt Emily J. Pepperman, P
 Newsletter Chairman – 2020  1st/Lt Christine Andrews
 Public Contact – 2020  Lt/C James McEntee, S
 Roster Contact – 2020  Lt Susan E. Rotun, S
 Ship’s Store Chairman – 2020  Lt Joyce Klein, P
 Squadron Webmaster – 2020  Lt Emily J. Pepperman, P

General Committees/Individuals

 Law Officer – 2020  Lt/C Sam C. Caliendo, AP
 Welcome Aboard – 2020  P/C Denise Porter, JN
 Sunshine – 2020  P/R/C Anita F. Walker, JN