Membership Information:

USPS members enjoy many affordable and comprehensive programs that increase their boating knowledge and skills, have more fun, and connect with fellow boaters through a variety of educational and social activities. With USPS membership, you receive:

Boating education to help you become a more competent and safer boater

  • A wide variety of comprehensive courses and informative seminars to advance your skill and knowledge in boat operation and maintenance
  • Savings of 20% to 50% or more on these courses and seminars
  • Flexibility in scheduling your education through classroom instruction, online courses, and on-the-water skills training
  • Interaction with a group of experienced boaters who know how to have fun – raft-ups, cruises, picnics, and get-togethers
  • Savings on boat insurance and many other products and services. The only requirements for membership are a keen interest in boating-related activities and an eagerness to meet like-minded people.
  • You don’t need a boat to join.


The Benefits of Membership

The United States Power Squadrons is the nation’s premiere boater safety membership. Members have access to on- and off-the-water activities, cruises and rendezvous, learning opportunities, boating mentors and hands-on boating courses.

That’s the cake; this is the frosting: We’ve partnered with exclusive organizations and businesses across the country to make our members’ experience more exciting, safer and less expensive, whether you’re on the water or off.Scroll down for a quick review of membership benefits — and see if this is a membership that fits.

Squadrons Offer Top-Notch In-Person Training
When you want in-person boating education from certified instructors, we offer several types of training to meet your needs. You can dive deep with 6– 8-week courses, get your feet wet with 2-hour seminars and take the helm with our flexible on the water boating instruction led by certified volunteer instructors who are boaters just like you. Our clubs offer instruction tailored to the needs of local boaters.

Dive Deep With Courses
Beginner, intermediate or advanced—whatever your skill level, we have in-depth courses to boost your knowledge and confidence on the water. Our courses will prepare you to boat safely whether you’re near shore or out on the deep blue. Courses take anywhere from 6–8 weeks.

Take the Helm With Hands-On Training-FREE WITH MEMBERSHIP
Feel more confident and look more confident handling your powerboat. Our hands-on training program helps you develop handling skills and techniques that last a lifetime. Our experienced, certified instructors combine classroom learning with on-the-water coaching. That means with a technical education plus real-world techniques, you get onto the water and into fun, safer and faster!

Membership Cost

Our dues for membership are broken into two different membership categories: Individual or Household. An Individual Membership is for one person solely. The Household Membership is good for all members within your household, regardless of the number. The Individual Membership is $179.00 for the first year and then $139.00 for subsequent years. The Household Membership is $252.00 the first year and $212.00 for subsequent years. Please include your check, made payable to the Pompano Beach Power Squadron, Inc., with your completed application.

Membership approval is by our Executive Committee, which meets the first Thursday of each month.

Downloadable Membership Form